096_H SMACHI® seamless hand towel

品番: 096_H




A high-spec handkerchief made in Imabari, Japan, that overcomes the weaknesses of handkerchiefs

It is useful not only for sports but also for everyday use.
Highly absorbent pile towels are thick and tend to bulge when placed in a pocket, but this instant moisture-absorbing woven towel does not take up much space in your pocket or bag, and its highly absorbent and innovative feel will change your concept of a handkerchief.
The smart design, double-sided print and cool packaging make it a perfect gift.

■Excellent absorbency...absorbs water droplets in an instant.
The saturated water content of a cloth handkerchief of the same weight is about 80-90%, while that of this handkerchief is 130-140%, giving it 1.7-1.8 times the retention of a cloth handkerchief.
After absorbing moisture, it remains deep between the fibers, keeping the surface dry even when wet.
■Wrinkles: Thorough recovery power prevents wrinkles. No ironing required after normal washing, so you don't have to worry about wrinkles after use.
■Antibacterial and deodorizing treatment...Uses a highly safe antibacterial agent to keep the product clean.
■Sustainable material: Some recycled polyester fibers are used.
■Material feel: Powdery touch, easy to handle and smooth to the touch.
■Seamless: Achieves a smart shape with no sewn parts.

Size: 23cm long, 23cm wide
*Delivered in a special paper package.

●Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges, so please check before placing your order.

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