Stone gray ■ 0302_L Sleeveless blouse

品番: 0302_L




A pretty sleeveless blouse with a military and modern feel

To avoid looking too casual, it is designed without stitching so that it can be worn with a dressy impression.
The French sleeves, which hide the roundness of the shoulders, make your upper arms look slimmer and reveal a healthy amount of skin, adding a feminine touch.
The visible buttons feature ring dots, and the black name and point buttons go perfectly with black items, making this an item that is typical of the K-3B.
Another key point is the attention to detail in using antique black snap buttons even on the buttons that cannot be seen.
The irregular button placement with close spacing between the first and second buttons gives the garment an elegant look even when unbuttoned.
For coordination, we recommend pairing a compact top with voluminous bottoms.

The new fabric is made of polyester, but has a texture that looks like cotton. The slightly matte texture makes it stylish without being too casual. The lightness and moderate firmness of the new material create a relaxed look.
It has a dry touch and dries quickly, making it easy to care for, including washing.
Even if you sweat, it dries quickly, making it cool and comfortable to wear.
The weaving method and thread have been ingeniously used to give the garment a high level of stretch, so it looks neat but is easy to move in and is also extremely functional.

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Color: Stone Gray Model (height 176cm) Wearing size: 1/2 (ML size)

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