Blue gray ■ 047_K Washi thread round hem T-shirt

品番: 047_K




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A T-shirt made with washi yarn that has a unique, addictive feel.

This T-shirt, well-known for its comfort and silhouette, is now available in its first color.

This T-shirt, which combines the high functionality that is characteristic of K-3B, is made by combining two types of thread, washi paper thread and polyester thread, which provides the moisture absorption properties of washi paper while the polyester thread supports quick drying.
It is comfortable to wear even in humid or sweaty seasons.

The washi paper used for the thread is made from pulp ( trees ) and is therefore a very sustainable material. It is breathable and does not get stuffy easily, making it suitable for everyday use as well as active scenes. Washi paper also has a natural deodorizing function, so it will perform well in the coming season.

The perfect length gives you more freedom in how you wear it, and the firmness and luster of the fabric doesn't accentuate your body lines. It goes great with K-3B items that emphasize functionality .
The loose, oversized silhouette fits well with everything from slim-fitting bottoms to loose pants.

The round cut design, which is not common in K-3Bs, can be worn with the hem tucked out or layered, making it suitable for any occasion. Same color logo printed on the lower left back.
This is a basic item that is functional and comfortable to wear.

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