Moss Gray ■ 061_A 4WAY Stretch MA-1 Flight Jacket

品番: 061_A




A clean look with a tight fit New colors have been released for the MA-1 blouson, capturing the "modern military" trend .

A thin and lightweight MA-1 jacket made from 4-way stretch nylon and polyurethane material.
The minimalist design features a ribbed hem and active and striking reflective tape from the shoulders to the sleeves. The lining is also made of a special matte nylon stretch (KAJIF) material. The front double zipper allows you to tighten the waist for a more visible look.

The impressive front zipper is designed to give a three-dimensional look by using octopus thread on the sides to hide the zipper tape and create a luxurious feel. The sewing is done with a 30-count stitch to create puckering (stitching shrinkage), incorporating the ruggedness of military style into the design, while the tight fitting gives it an urban silhouette.

The sizing is about half a size smaller than regular K-3B products, but the fabric is stretchy so it is a tight-fitting MA-1 jacket.

The fabric has a matte texture and the surface is water-repellent, making it suitable for rainy days.
This jacket has no padding and can be worn all year round as both an inner layer or outer layer.

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Color: Moss Gray
Model (height 185cm) wearing size 2 (L size)

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