Grey ■ 0_044_V Ripstop Softshell Parka

品番: 0_044_V




A luxurious softshell parka with three-dimensional cut on both the front and back

This highly technical fabric combines the strength of ripstop fabric used in military clothing with high stretchability. Ripstop fabrics tend to be difficult to stretch because they prioritize tear strength, but this product maintains its strength while also providing high stretchability to handle the amount of movement required in active situations.

The elasticated part on the back and the side seams are not straight across, but are shifted forward and backward to allow for greater freedom of movement. The material stretches with the outer and inner lining, and the same three-dimensional cut is used to maximize the characteristics of the fabric, providing maximum coverage for performance.
The hood also has no spindles, making it lighter. Elastic is placed on the sides of the hood opening and at the back of the head to ensure a snug fit when the hood is worn.

This windbreaker was created to enable you to move, run and train, without getting in the way of various movements during exercise, and without the weather affecting your performance .

Become pocketable It comes with a bag made of the same fabric , is wrinkle-resistant, lightweight and easy to carry. It is also recommended for everyday use in the coming season when the temperature difference is intense.

Color: Gray
Model (height 185cm) wearing size 2 (L size)

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