Black ■ 1024_N Military Joggers

品番: 1024_N




Military joggers made from the extremely popular 24HR-WEARABLE series material.

The super popular jogger item from the men's line, which has been released and sold out repeatedly, is now also available in a women's line.

The N fabric, which is popular for its addictive comfort with the concept of 24HR-WEARABLE (something you'll want to wear 24 hours a day), is made from high-gauge double knit that is smooth and soft against the skin, and features a flat, beautiful surface texture and high-power stretch made possible by its high density.
For women, logo tape is placed on the belt loops, and despite the deliberately simplified design, it still has the iconic design that is characteristic of the K-3B.

Compared to the men's version, the ladies' joggers have a simpler ribbing, giving them a more elegant look.
The silhouette is slightly slim, so even though it has a jogger silhouette, the design is not too casual and gives it a mature style.
The waist can be adjusted using a spindle that can be stored on the inside.
If you tuck the spindle inside, the belt can be worn smoothly and neatly.
Despite its snug fit, the power stretch fabric is comfortable to wear and is water repellent, making it convenient for rainy days.
These stylish joggers can be worn not only for golf but also for training and daily use.

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