Carbon Navy ■ 134_N 24HR-WEARABLE Cargo Pants

品番: 134_N




These cargo pants sold out in an instant thanks to their high functionality and design.

K-3B's popular series, the N Fabric Series, is based on the concept of 24HR-WEARABLE. The high-gauge double knit fabric is smooth and soft against the skin, and features a flat, beautiful surface and high-power stretch made possible by its high density.

This is an evolved version of the 104 model, one of K-3B's most representative cargo pants that has been sold and sold out repeatedly, making it even more comfortable to wear.
While maintaining the slim and neat silhouette that is one of the reasons for its popularity, this item is packed with attention to detail and ingenuity.
The cargo placed on the side is a new design that is the first of its kind for men's items.
The pockets are folded in the opposite direction to normal, so they lie flat when not in use. The pockets are designed to be less susceptible to wind resistance , and when you put something in them, the gusset opens to the outside, increasing the pocket's capacity.
Another feature is that it has a pocket on the front, making it easy to put things in and take them out.
The ribbed hem reduces contact with the skin and gives a neat finish with reduced stiffness.

Despite its snug fit, the power stretch fabric is comfortable to wear and is water repellent, making it convenient for rainy days.
The end of the drawstring is made with a urethane soft shell tip, and uses a spindle used in sporty active pants that is less likely to get damaged even if the end of the cord hits something while running.
The right inside pocket has a zip coin case. The inside pocket zipper has a rubber pull that locks, perfect for sports and outdoor activities.

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Color: Carbon Navy Model (height 185cm) Wearing size: 1 (M size)

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